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The Crest - текстове [Lyrics]

Axel Rudi Pell - The Crest [2010]

The End Of Our Time

On our way to nowhere behind the black sun
We're passing by the old horizon
Coming close to the edge when we realize
There's a whole in the sky, the world has gone

Written and engraved in the stone
On the walls of doom
The burning cross left all alone
Wherever we have roamed

Oh I can feel
It's the end of our time
Oh I believe
We're the last in our line
In the end of the time

We crossed the path of tragedy, fortune and fate
Cheated by the blended lies, will it be too late
The fools they cried “all gonna die”, but never got heard
Doom lies really quite absurd

Свалих текстовете от новия албум ;-)

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